The Chiaroscurot are the practitioners of the Chiaroscuro school of magic. Chiaurists study this, the most orderly of the known magical forms and relate to it by the conjoined qualities of light and darkness. Channeling positive and negative energies entwined gives Chiaurists power over life and death. They are the only practitioners of magic capable of direct restorative magic. Positive energy effects are positively utilitarian, while negative spells are negatively utilitarian.

Positive   Equipoise   Negative
Respite <- Esperance -> Intervention
White Wind <- Lay on Hands -> Dark Wind
Dawnglow <- Eclipse -> Duskrow

Equipoise (/2) – Passive

1 – The Chiaurist is strongest when embracing both aspects in their entirety. Each chiaroscuro spell has affinity to positive or negative energy and casting them will align the caster with that side. Casting a spell that would change your alignment halves that spells mana cost; casting a spell that does not instead doubles it's cost. Neutral aligned spells are balanced between both sides and are unaffected by Equipoise.

L'appel du Vide – While in the waning state, your mana costs are reduced to 0 but upon casting you must make a save as if you had taken damage

2 – Subjects of your spells that oppose your current affinity are made Vulnerable in addition to the effects of the spell.


Reckoning (/1) (Neutral)

Type – Standard

You gain a perception of the life force of creatures and can see their relative strengths
Components 16-P Mana (min 4); 8AP
Range/Shape Short/Conical (LoS)
Duration Power minutes


Spirit – Negates

You are able to see the Health and Essence (level and type) of creatures and any status effects they are under, 


Consecrate (/3) (Neutral)

Type – Ritual

Consecrate is a template spell; one that can be built upon. Only one of any chiaroscuro spell-pairs can be active upon Consecrate at a time, but Consecrate can support a number of effects equal to it's spell level and each lasts for the duration of Consecrate.

From level 2 -  Schools outside of Chiaroscuro are also supported; you must have access to a school to apply it's template

From level 3 – The AoE can be mobilized if you carry the foci with you.

Components A focus anchors and sustains the spell (consumes the focus); 20-P mana (min 5) per enchantment; 5 minutes
Range/Shape Touch/Spherical (centered on the foci)
Duration Power Hours


Save by spell effect (only 1 save required for all, if any, effects and max 1 save per turn)

Chiaroscuro Templates:

Reckoning – Portent - If cast on Consecrate, you can sense all sources of essence within, entering, and leaving the zone.

Intervention – Threshold – Creatures not designated by you may cross the threshold (S)

Respite – Absolution – Creatures designated by you gain a bonus to Woe equal to their WP

Dark Wind – Symbol of Death – The next creature to enter the symbol takes damage equal to 10% of your maximum health. On the following turn, each creature in the symbol takes damage equal to 10% of it's maximum health. (S)

White Wind – Symbol of Life – The next creature to enter the symbol is healed for 10% of your maximum health. On the following turn, each creature in the symbol heals for 10% of their maximum health. (S)

Eclipse – Solar Symbol – Physical actions are baned during Duskrow (B) and Spiritual effects are baned during Dawnglow (S). Eclipse is not affected by a matching Solar Symbol

Combination Templates: 

Spirit – Symbol of Isolation - Illusions veil the area from outside observers (S)

Animancy – Grave Symbol - The next creature to die inside the area is instead left at 0 health

Shifter – Symbol of Fate – Each creature within the area can reroll any 1 roll of their choice

Kunestra – Symbol of Temperance - The environment within the area is rendered bearable (to the caster)

Arcane – Affinity Field - Spell casts refund 1 mana

Fire – Burning Symbol – Creatures not designated by you take (1/2 Power) fire damage (B)

Water – Tidal Symbol – Creatures not designated by you are slowed (B)

Air – Static Symbol -  Creatures not designated by you suffer (1,2,3) stun (B)

Earth – Dome -  The area is domed off by a thin earthen barrier with ([1,2,3] *Power Health

Esperance (/1) (Negative|Positive)

Type – Reactive

Esperance can be cast in one of two modes, Intervention, or Respite. Esperance allows the caster to intercede in the actions of others, whether friend or foe, by focusing their alignment towards their subjects actions.

Intervention: 20-P mana (min 5); reaction| Respite: 16-P mana (min 4); reaction

Range/Shape Short/N/A
Duration Instantaneous


Spirit – Negates|N/A

Intervention: Cease the subject's current action (before it's results are revealed).

Respite: Grant the subject a +Power bonus to their next Woe or save of their choice (before results are revealed).

Lay on Hands (/3) (Positive|Negative)

Type – Standard

You channel aligned energies through your hands into the next creature you touch.

At Level 2 White wind and Dark wind are unlocked

Components 20-P mana (min 5); 30-P AP
Range/Shape Touch/N/A Cannot be self-cast
Duration Trigger (contacting a valid subject or 1 minute)


Spirit – Negates

1 -  Heals|harms the subject for 10% of their maximum health.

2 – On each casting of Lay on Hands, you may choose to add one of the following to it's effects:

- Lay on Hands becomes a [Spell Level] spherical effect centered on the caster affecting ALL others in the sphere; it's mana cost is doubled.

- You may apply your primary Edict to the subject lasting for [Spell Level] turns.

- You also receive the same heal|harm effect as the subject.

- You may remove a status effect from the subject.

- You may apply|remove a wound from the subject.

3 – Last Breath – against Waning or Fallen subjects, the effects of Lay on Hands are doubled.


White wind|Dark wind

Type – Reactive

After casting Lay on Hands, depending on it's charge you may focus it into a wispy|dusky flow, which you may direct into additional subjects at will.
Components Half the mana cost of Lay on Hands per each additional subject; reaction
Range/Shape Medium/Point
Duration Instantaneous


Spirit – Negates

Each subject receives the same Lay on Hands effect as the initial target. For each sequential subject increase the effect by your Racial Health dice. You may not affect any given subject more than once nor can you target yourself.


Edict (/2) (Charge based on primary Edict)

Type – Reactive|Standard

Edicts are passive self-buffs that aid a caster by embodying their devotions and ideals. You may have any one edict active at a time as long as you are able to cast spells. You may change your active edict by recasting.

From level 2 whenever you cast Edict, you may activate a secondary Edict that functions at half capacity. 

Components  24-P mana (min 6); reaction|16-P mana (min 4); 4 AP
Range/Shape Personal/N/A
Duration Trigger – Sustained



Retribution – (negative) - When you are subject to melee physical damage the attacker receives some (10%) of the wounds they cause

Wrath – (positive) - For the duration of combat, each time you are attacked gain a stacking +1 Sacred bonus to your damage rolls; doubled while bloodied.

Luminosity – (positive|negative) - Brighten|darken the area around you in a Short range radius

Condemnation - (positive) - During combat, you may condemn a target, gaining a sacred bonus against that target (stacks with other sacred effects vs that target). Your attacks, saves, and crit chance against that target are increased by [1/2P]. You may only have one condemn target at a time and cannot change targets until the first is removed from combat.

Justice - (negative) - Those who strike you are debuffed for the duration of combat suffering a penalty to their Attack equal to 1/2P

Vengeance – (positive) - Those you strike are debuffed for the duration of combat suffering a penalty to their Defense equal to 1/2P


Fate (/1) (Charge based on tether mode)

Type – Standard

Casting Fate can create one of a variety of tethers between two subjects. Any given subject can only be affected by a single Fate spell at a time.
Components 20-P mana (min 5)2/turn; 10AP2/turn
Range/Shape Short/N/A
Duration Trigger – Maintained


Spirit/turn – (Halves Drain effects on first save; breaks the tether on the second successful save)

Mortal Coil – (positive) – Choose one subject to benefit and one to be yoked. On each of the benefactor's turns, if the tether holds and the benefactor is injured, they drain their yoke of [Power] Health — limited by the remaining health of the yoked subject.

Ennervation – (negative) - Choose one subject to benefit and one to be yoked. On each of the benefactor's turns, if the tether holds, they may choose to drain 1 point of Strength or Dexterity from their yoke. Attributes return at a rate of 1/turn/attribute after the spell ends.

Eclipse – (as subject's initial eclipse mode) – If you have Eclipse Active, you may tether yourself to another individual and they will gains it's effects alternating opposite to your mode.


Eclipse (/2) (Charge based on initial mode)

Type – Reactive|Standard

Eclipse creates a protective barrier of alternating positive and negative energy which is capable of blocking attacks based on it's alignment. The positively charged Dawnglow blocks spiritual effects while the negative charged Duskrow blocks physical effects. Eclipse alternates forms each turn.

From level 2 you may additionally augment Eclipse with the matching Chiaura template. The Chiaura deteriorates the natural environment within it's AoE as a side effect of it's drain.

You can only benefit from a single Eclipse at a time. You may cast Eclipse as a reaction

Components 24-P mana (min 6)2/turn; reaction | 16-P mana (min 4)2/turn; 10AP  || Chiaura – +4 per turn
Range/Shape Personal/N/A || Chiaura – P/4 meters/Spherical
Duration Trigger – Maintained


Spirit – Half drain

1 – Eclipse – During Dawnglow, you are booned for all Spirit saves and halve all damage from spiritual sources; during Duskrow, you are booned for Body saves and protected from physical effects.

2 – Chiaura – Augmenting Eclipse, the Chiaura during Duskrow will drain 1/4 Power health from all creatures within range. During the following Dawnglow this life can then be redistributed as you desire; this health reservoir empties as your turn ends. 


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