Magical Characters purchase a quality for their first school of magic as part of their background. Additional schools are purchased with magical aptitude, the same currency that is used to progress through the trees.

Taking one school of magic increases the costs to take other schools.
Conversely, if that feels punishing, set the costs high and offer discounts for specializing in a school – same result.

3 to access a new school; only 1 to access first school; 1 per spell or tier increase

      Order:                                                                                                                                       Chaos:

Chairoscurot     Spiritualism     Animancy     Augury      Shifter      Kunestrae      Elementalism      

Spell Trees run downward and are formatted as such that any spell directly above another is prerequisite. Some spells have multiple forms or subspells and these are indicated with arrows. Character's with the 'Touched' trait gain access to a single school of magic. Additional schools can be unlocked for 3 magical aptitude.


Spell Formatting:

Type Standard Reactive Ritual      
Components Verbal/Somatic Focus Ritual materiel Mana AP  
Range Personal Touch Short Medium Long Other
Shape Point Line of Effect Conic Cubic Spherical  
Duration Instantaneous Duration Trigger Channel Permanent  
Effect Effects Save        


Reactive - Immediate effects that interject turn priority. Reactive casting typically cost their base mana cost + their minimum mana cost and requires a Reaction to cast; their minimum is increased by half as much.

Standard - Standard spells utilize the expenditure of Mana and time (AP) to facilitate their casting. 

Ritual – Rituals are complex magical forms that are far more intensive than Reactive or Standard spells. Rituals require large amounts of mana and the ritual process is lengthy, requiring time, space, and materiel.


Personal – Personal range spells are cast on oneself.

Touch – Touch range spells can be cast on subjects within your natural reach.

Short – Short range spells have a range of Power/2*meters

Medium – Medium range spells have a range of 2*Power*meters

Long – Long range spells can be cast within Line of Sight. Though this does not mean you can necessarily see your target, long-range spells are capable of reaching great distances.

Other – Some spells have ranges specific to the spell and are specified in the spell listing.


Verbal/Somatic – Magic requires no specific incantation, though they are intuitively helpful for others to know what you are doing. 

                              Somatic components are necessary as you harness and project your essence in a desired fashion.

Focus – Each magic school utilizes different foci for their brands of magic. Foci may be affixed to any item that can be properly projected as part of the somatic components of a given spell. While not integral to casting spells, foci can be powerful extensions of the self.

Ritual material – The performance of ritual magics demands more than time and effort. To create elaborate runic forms, the practitioner must surrender materiel specific to the ritual. In addition, rituals have a minimum Power requirement which may demand that the practitioner be assisted in casting powerful rituals.


Instantaneous – Spells which take effect immediately upon casting

Trigger - Trigger spells will sustain for a duration until expended upon meeting a conditional. There are two potential subtypes that modify a basic trigger

Maintained – Maintained spells are only active whilst maintained after casting. To maintain a spell, and regardless of whether the caster chooses to utilize the spell that turn, they must pay a small mana cost to keep a spell from expiring.

Sustained - Sustained triggers have no defined duration and last until the caster chooses to trigger them

Duration - A timed spell lasts a specified duration before expiring

Channel - Channeled spells are often efficient in cost but limiting to your options as you consistently continue to cast a spell. Channeling consumes your turn, though you may take a free move action while channeling - other actions are forbidden while channeling. 

Permanent - Permanent spells usually have some aspect that creates a permanent change in the environment such as creating a wall from surrounding earth

Shape: Unless otherwise stated all spells originate from the caster

Point – A point requires LoS between the caster and the target point

Line of Effect – Lines of effect affect only spaces to which you have LoS and comes in two forms:

Penetrating – the line will affect everything within it's range

Collision – the line of effect will stop upon colliding with a valid target

Conic – Conic spells affect everything in a 45° arc as a Line of Effect. Inside the AoE of a collision effect, as it projects outward, only squares which can draw a straight line to the origin without crossing an already affected square are affected.

Spatial – Spatial spells create create material that occupies space such as a wall; typically functioning as terrain.

Spherical – Spherical spells are centered on a point (by spell description) and extend outward to a uniform radius as Lines of Effect. Inside the AoE of a collision effect, as it projects outward, only squares which can draw a straight line to the origin without crossing an already affected square are affected.


Effects – Upon completion of casting a spell, the spell will enact whatever effect is detailed in the spell description

Saves – Those subjected to spells are often granted a 'save' to resist all or part of the effect. Saves use either Spirit or Body checks as detailed in the spell description; generally Body saves for physical effects and Spirit for intangible effects. The difficulty of a save is equal to it's base mana cost + Power + any modifiers.


Example spell format:

/ – separates related info as symbolized in the first column

| – used to divide details on different modes/versions of a given spell

(Name) (X/Ranks) (Special notes)

Type – (X)|(Y)

Components (X Costs/components) | (Y Costs/components)
Range/Shape (Range)/(Shape)
Duration (Duration)


(Save notes)

(Spell effects)


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